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One of our goals is to provide  good quality home care services, in the community. As well as strategically looking for ways and means to reduce high service expense, resulting from tragic and predetermine conditions suffered by clients receiving care at home and those in other Healthcare locations in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties in Pennsylvania.
P M Nursing Care Options is the Home care arm of the Interfaith Divine Evangelical Alliance Services (IDEAS), Inc. P M Nursing care has general working policies and procedures for its employees and those we serve. These policies guide its employees through most of the privileges and obligations of the home care service process within our consumer’s population , their families as well as the Interfaith Divine Evangelical Alliance Services’ family. None of the policies or guidelines are to be construed as a guarantee of employment for any specific period of time, or any specific type of work. Additionally, with the exception of the VOLUNTARY AT‐WILL EMPLOYMENT POLICY, these guidelines are subject to modification, amendment or revocation by P M NURSING CARE OPTIONS, at any time, without an advance notice.
The personnel policies of P M Nursing Care Options are established by the Board of Directors for Quality Performance Management and has delegated the authority and Administration responsibility to the Executive Director. The Executive Director may, in turn, delegate authority for administering specific policies to qualified supervising employees. Employees are encouraged to consult their supervisors or the administration for additional information regarding the policies, procedures, and privileges that may or may not be described in the company handbook. Questions about personnel matters also may be reviewed with the administration or the management team.
P M Nursing Care Options will provide each individual a copy of P M Nursing care Options Handbook upon employment. All employees are expected to abide by it. P M Nursing Care Options  strives to ensure that all of its employees maintain a high standard of cultural and professional ethics and behavior . Furthermore, P M Nursing Care Options expects each employee to display good judgment, diplomacy and courtesy in their professional relationships with members of the Board of Directors , committees, co-workers, staff at Interfaith Divine Evangelical Alliance Services, Inc and the general public.