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Successful traineesThe following areas must be covered as a minimum for possible competency if an applicant is a non-skilled individual.

  1. A competency Training DCP Confidentiality
  2. Consumer control and the independent living philosophy
  3. Instrumental activities of daily living
  4. Recognizing changes in the consumer that need to be addressed
  5. Basic infection control
  6. Universal precautions
  7. Handling of emergencies
  8. Documentation
  9. Recognizing and reporting abuse or neglect
  10. Dealing with difficult behaviors.

Others are:

  1. Bathing, shaving, grooming, and dressing
  2. Hair, skin, and mouth care
  3. Assistance with ambulation and transferring
  4. Meal preparation and feeding
  5. Toileting
  6. Assistance with self-administered medications
  7. Respite care
  8. Specialized care – Non skilled services/activities unique to the consumer’s care needs that facilitate the consumer’s health, safety and welfare, and ability to live independently
  9. Assistance with instrumental activities of daily living
  10. Companionship services

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