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We provide affordable and reasonable packages that you may choose from. These packages include:

Funeral Goods

  • casket
  • clothing
  • flowers
  • marker or monument
  • prayer card printing
  • program printing
  • urn for the ashes

Funeral Services

  • after-care services
  • beautician
  • domestic / international transfer
  • dove release
  • electronic tribute
  • escort, upon request
  • eulogy
  • family events center
  • funeral and cremation services
  • graveside services
  • bereavement support
  • memorial service
  • traditional military service
  • veteran services
  • plus a lot more

We do what we can to help you make the best and most informed decisions at the event of this very sensitive and inescapable moment. Some of our services include:

Advance Funeral Consultation

Out of the soil we were created, back to the soil shall we return. The road to home can always bring us joy. One reason for that is returning home to rest in perfect peace. As important as it sounds, we pay little or no attention or sometimes deny the fact that death will occur prematurely. That’s why we encourage you to understand the necessity of making your decision while you can. This early decision process will:

  1. Save your family from making unclear decisions on your behalf
  2. Save time during a very delicate moment
  3. Preserve your loved one’s dignity and honor up to the end of time
  4. When you realize that your life has been honorably celebrated according to your wishes, your soul can then rest in perfect peace.

Some major decisions you can make are (a) where your loved one is to be buried, (b) how your loved one will be buried, (c) when your loved one is to be buried, (d) and other preferences.

Removal Service

Ideas Mortuary & Funeral Temple Removal Services has a very distinct orderly organized form of transportation protocol. Upon a death call, our team is quickly dispatched and the deceased is picked up from the place of death, the coroner’s office, or another funeral home; and then it will be brought to the place of peaceful and restful preparation.

At Need Consultation

Our staff will assist your family in making selections and necessary decisions for clothing, caskets, cemetery, music, preacher, pall bearers, vehicles, beautician, and other wishes. All are made available with various options.

Grief Support Group

We provide a Grief Support service through our uniquely organized Grief Support Group meetings. This group meets weekly, from 5-7 PM on Fridays. We make referrals for those that need grief therapy.

Life Insurance

Our life insurance agents can assist you with insurance policy on how to obtain affordable policies.

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