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Our Culture of Kindness

Our People One-In-All

Interfaith Divine Evangelical Alliance Services, Inc., services shall be characterized by our core values known as Culture Of Kindness listed below.

We shall seek the guidance, strength and resources of God in prayer as we carry out his commission. Each person must have an accurate prayer life. Matt. 7:7, Luke18:1, James1:6-8.

We must possess the attitude of faith in God in serving him and man. Faith connects us with God’s paranormal power which then enables us to do anything beyond our natural ability. Make9:23, Hebrew 11:1

We shall not put one person interest over the next individual or treat unevenly in our way of reaching and serving the people. James 2:1-10.

We shall tell the truth with consistency in our striving to establish our credibility, integrity and trustworthiness as well as our identity with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Ps51:5, Jn18:32, 2nd cor. 13:8, Phil 4:8.

We will be upright and fair in all our daily lives’ activities Acts6:3; 2nd cor. 8:21, Phil. 4:8, 1st Peter 2:12

We, the Disciples of Christ Jesus, must practice the example that he left with us. Serving one another and that a leader must serve but not rule, is a must. Matt. 20: 25-28, Lk 22:24-27

We shall serve God by serving one another with humble spirit. Relying on the truth, without Christ we cannot do anything. Jn15:1-5, Phil. 4:13, James4:10, 1st Peter5:6

Our daily activities shall be measured by the Act of Kindness without discrimination. 1st Cor. 13:14, Eph. 4:32,2nd Peter 1:7

As people of God, we shall demonstrate a genuine concern for the welfare of others as we are our brother’s keeper; we must not concern ourselves with our personal needs only. Rom.14:21, 1st Cor. 10:24, 2nd Cor. 8:9, Phil. 2:4

We do fear God accordingly, we are commanded to have a deep, abiding respect for Him which includes a holy, reverential fear or honor of Him because He is able to cast both the body and the soul into hell which man has only the power to kill the body.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Exo. 3:5 Lev.19:32,Psalm111:10, 19:9 147:11, 34:7, 60:40, 115:11 Prov. 14:26,Matt. 10:16-25,28,Eph5:21 Heb. 5:7,12:27, 10:31

The Bible teaches that God gives each one of his children supernatural gifts. These are gifts given by the Spirit to empower us to be a blessing to others. We at ideas Inc. do give our talent, skill, time, possessions, enthusiasm, energy and income to benefit someone in need. Prov. 3:9-10, Psalm 116:12-19, Mal., 3:10, 2nd Cor. 9:7,11 Acts 20:35, Luke 6:38

First, our giving expresses our gratitude to God for the past. At IDEAS, Inc. we measure our work by Excellence and Enthusiasm for the work we do is not up to mankind to approve but that only God can, and to his Glory. Gen. 1:28, 2:15, Col. 2:23,Eph. 6:7

We believe that obedience to God’s word or commandments is better than sacrificing the biggest animal. Exo. 19:5, Deut.11:1, Jn15:9, 14:15, 1st Peter 1:14


We shall treat both members and visitors alike in every aspect of life just like we would treat ourselves in all activities of the ministry.Matt;22;34-40 Luke 11:42 Rom. 13:8, john 4:8, 14Gal. 5:13b, 14b, 22, Col. 3:14, 2nd Cor., 10:5

God’s gift to you is what you are; your gift to God, what you become!