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The Wall And The Way

What is it about the Wall? 

In the book of Genesis chapter 3, we learned about the wall that was built to keep God away from Adam and Eve. In the days of God’s creation, he made man and added a helpmate (woman), and placed them together in the Garden of Eden with an instruction that needs the full attention of all mankind represented by Adam and Eve. The only tool they needed was OBEDIENCE to maintain God’s favor in the Garden. Upon God’s visitation with them in the Garden he found them displaced. Not only that, but they also built an imaginary wall hoping that God would not see them and blame them. Upon God’s arrival he called out by their names. Since they were in hiding from God’s holy presence, the almighty God asked them “Where are you?” (W.A.Y)

 The community of God is not about building walls but breaking walls.
 The community of God is not about stabilizing the sin, but condemning sin.
 The community of God is not about seeking the rich only but reaching also the poor.
 The community of God is not to separate family but to bring peoples of all nations together.

The W A Y

The expectation of God for Adam was to be the head of his family, the Earth and its contents including the Air, Water and the Land. But it was never a matter to Adam as he accepts to be the
follower of his eyes. He agreed with Eve to consume based on what he saw instead remembering to keep his maker’s order. The fact that God is the center of our decision making, we as people, can get carried away by what we are seeing, than what we have heard or learned. Meanwhile, we pause here to ask that:

Is it nothing to you?

Whatever your next comment/ answer is,” where are you?” We are glad that God has brought us together in life. We feel enriched by those who by God’s grace have joined us in this fight to reach the needy.

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