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Standards of Care Safety

man giving paper to childrenPM Nursing Care Options, Inc. is committed to maintain a safe work environment for its employees and its clients. Therefore employees are expected to abide by the following safety rules.

Consumer’s Care

In a client’s home, you are not a guest. You are there to provide services for the client. The following behaviors are strongly discouraged and may be dealt with in a disciplinary manner:

  • HIPAA violations ‐ discussing other clients or Protected Health Information (PHI) concerning clients with your client or other people or employees
  • Discussing any office matters with the client
  • Borrowing money or accepting gifts
  • Fighting or creating a disturbance
  • Idleness or loafing during working hours
  • Reporting for duty under the influence of intoxicants
  • Eating or drinking the client’s food
  • Smoking in the consumer’s home
  • Giving your phone number to your client
  • Offering medical advice
  • Making or receiving phone calls (excluding the office)
  • Use of cell phone unless in an emergency
  • Bringing any one to a client’s home with you

Use of Gloves

Gloves, as well as any other necessary protective clothing, are supplied by PM Nursing Care Options, Inc. Gloves must not be so large and loose fitting as to easily slip off during use. Disposable gloves will be removed and discarded after contact with each person, fluid item, surface, if torn or punctured, or when their ability to function as a barrier is compromised. Gloves may not be washed or disinfected for reuse. Gloves are to be changed: between tasks and procedures on the same client; after changing or cleaning an incontinent client; after removing an old dressing; and when the integrity of the glove is in doubt. Hands must be washed immediately, or as soon as feasible, after removal of gloves or any other personal protective equipment.

Consumer Banking

In most situations, performing banking transactions for your client is prohibited. Banking transactions include check cashing and ATM transactions. Client banking will be allowed when prior authorization has been given from family and PM Nursing Care Options, Inc. management. A complete policy on Standards of Conduct/Ethical Behavior is available for your reference.

If a situation is questionable, please do not hesitate to call the office cell phone 267-982-6017. Whenever you are given cash for shopping, etc., you must give your client a receipt along with the correct change. Client Transportation Under no circumstances is any client to be transported by any employee of PM Nursing Care Options, Inc. care giver except given permission.

Emergency Planning

PM Nursing Care Options, Inc. has established a plan and an alternate business location which will allow for continuation of services in the event of a workplace emergency affecting our organization or the community. PM Nursing Care Options, Inc. will provide for orientation and education of all personnel regarding participation in the emergency management plan. Education will be provided during orientation and at least annually thereafter. In general, preparing for an emergency includes preparing an emergency kit, making a plan and staying informed regarding the emergency situation.

Directions for preparing emergency kits include the following:

  • Pack food and water for each person and pet which are non-perishable
  • Pack infant formula if needed
  • Pack changes of clothing for three days
  • Bring blankets
  • Bring a First Aid Kit
  • Bring flashlights and a battery operated radio and extra batteries
  • Bring small tools
  • Bring copies of important documents
  • Bring a list of medical problems and prescriptions and supplies for up to three days
  • Bring supplies for family members with special needs